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What is this app about? Eight mortar samples from three archaeological sites near Rome Italy underwent a selection process called Cryo2SoniC. The selected fractions were analyzed by the accelerator mass spectrometry AMS 14C technique and compared to known historical references. Additional scanning electron microscopy analysis and petrographic investigations were done, respectively, to check the grain size of the fractions selected by Cryo2SoniC, and further, to characterize the original mortar samples.

The masses of carbon yielded from the dated fractions were almost half of those released from some aerial mortars.

Binder dating site

Gypsum mortar, also called plaster of Paris, was used in the construction of the Egyptian pyramids and many other ancient structures. It is made from gypsum, which requires a lower firing temperature.

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It is therefore easier to make than lime mortar and sets up much faster which may be a reason it was used as the typical mortar in ancient, brick arch and vault construction. Gypsum mortar is not as durable as other mortars in damp conditions. In the Indian subcontinent , multiple cement types have been observed in the sites of the Indus Valley Civilization , such as the Mohenjo-daro city-settlement that dates to earlier than BCE. Gypsum cement that was " light grey and contained sand, clay, traces of calcium carbonate, and a high percentage of lime " was used in the construction of wells, drains and on the exteriors of " important looking buildings.

Historically, building with concrete and mortar next appeared in Greece. This aqueduct dates back to c. The Romans later improved the use and methods of making what became known as pozzolanic mortar and cement.

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This mortar was not as strong as pozzolanic mortar, but, because it was denser, it better resisted penetration by water. Hydraulic mortar was not available in ancient China, possibly due to a lack of volcanic ash. It is not understood how the art of making hydraulic mortar and cement, which was perfected and in such widespread use by both the Greeks and Romans, was then lost for almost two millennia. During the Middle Ages when the Gothic cathedrals were being built, the only active ingredient in the mortar was lime.

Since cured lime mortar can be degraded by contact with water, many structures suffered from wind blown rain over the centuries. Ordinary Portland cement mortar , commonly known as OPC mortar or just cement mortar, is created by mixing powdered Ordinary Portland Cement , fine aggregate and water. It was invented in by Joseph Aspdin and patented on 18 December , largely as a result of efforts to develop stronger mortars.

It was made popular during the late nineteenth century, and had by became more popular than lime mortar as construction material.

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The advantages of Portland cement is that it sets hard and quickly, allowing a faster pace of construction. Furthermore, fewer skilled workers are required in building a structure with Portland cement.

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As a general rule, however, Portland cement should not be used for the repair or repointing of older buildings built in lime mortar, which require the flexibility, softness and breathability of lime if they are to function correctly. In the United States and other countries, five standard types of mortar available as dry pre-mixed products are generally used for both new construction and repair.

Strengths of mortar change based on the ratio of cement, lime, and sand used in mortar. The ingredients and the mix ratio for each type of mortars are specified under the ASTM standards.

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Type M mortar is the strongest, and Type K the weakest. Polymer cement mortars PCM are the materials which are made by partially replacing the cement hydrate binders of conventional cement mortar with polymers. The polymeric admixtures include latexes or emulsions , redispersible polymer powders, water-soluble polymers, liquid thermoset resins and monomers. It has low permeability, and it reduces the incidence of drying shrinkage cracking, mainly designed for repairing concrete structures. The setting speed can be increased by using impure limestone in the kiln , to form a hydraulic lime that will set on contact with water. Such a lime must be stored as a dry powder. Alternatively, a pozzolanic material such as calcined clay or brick dust may be added to the mortar mix. Addition of a pozzolanic material will make the mortar set reasonably quickly by reaction with the water.

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