Dating a hippie chick

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How to Date a Hippie

She leads a healthy life. She exercises and she eats right.

She cares about her body because she is driven by the thought that if her body is healthy, so is her mind. This will benefit your health. At least, she will make you look and feel better.

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Instead of going to the mall, she would rather spend her free time reading a book or researching something she is interested in. Get to know the person.

The 7 Types Of Girls You Date

Share your passion about a social cause regardless of what it relates to. If you're not politically involved, at least be open to learning something new.

How to Date a Hippie | Dating Tips

Chances are, your hippie date will be thrilled at the opportunity to teach you. Use public transportation or bikes when you plan to go out together. Cutting back on toxic emissions is likely to make a good impression with your date because it is considerate of the environment. Take your date to a quiet coffee shop or restaurant that has organic menu items.

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  • Hippies are low-maintenance and don't require fancy dinners or expensive outings. Give a reusable or recyclable gift, something small and inexpensive. Not only does this serve as a token of your affection.

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    It will also show that you are able to accommodate the hippie's lifestyle and that you'd like to keep dating.